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Historical Costume And Interpretation

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Uniforms Of All Kinds


Military, naval or any other uniforms, for adults or replica styles for children.

All garments finished by hand. Many uniforms will cost more than civilian clothing due in particular to the higher cost of materials required, the provision of replica buttons and lace, for instance, and also to the hand-stitching of lace and other decoration.

Almost anything made from cloth can be provided, extensive catalogues for each historical period are available by post or to view at markets.

While I have a wide range of information on uniforms, please where possible provide me with specific details and illustrations of the garments you wish to order so as to ensure as accurate a reproduction as possible.

To order, email me with your post address for a catalogue, quoting the historical dates you need to be dressed for.

Or send me a picture of your required outfit for a quote to make it up for you.