Daphne Hilsdon

Historical Costume And Interpretation

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1640s Gentry - (see 17C Dutch for child's) - Woman's Linen skirt, brocade bodice with ribbon trim, cotton shift, lawn cap with lace trim

Tudor peasant boy - woollen breeches and cote, woollen holbein hat, linen shirt c. 1540

Viking girls - linen gowns, braid trim, c 9-10th century

Small Stuart girl - c 1640, Satin skirt and bodice, ribbon trim, cotton shift with lace trim

Tudor court wear - c 1530, painted linen gown, velvet cuffs, damask under-sleeves, embroidered linen underskirt

17C Dutch - copy of Dutch painting (original in blue), silk satin skirt and bodice trimmed in gold braid, cotton shift, lawn and lace cap

Victorian girl - mid 19th century, cotton frock and pinafore, cotton petticoat and pantelettes