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Historical Costume And Interpretation

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Medieval Merchant - c1470, woollen gown and hat

Pirate - c 1700, linen shirt, brocade waistcoat, black satin breeches and coat with braid decoration, hat ostrich trimmed, outfit also suitable for a gentleman.

Moor - Tuareg dress, from c 4th century to present day, cotton robes, trousers and turban, usually in blue.

Monk - 15th century Benedictine, black wool gown, huke and hood with cowl.

Rameses - Egyptian pharaoh of the New Kingdom, pleated linen kilt, tunic and braided belt, tablet belt and linen collar with braid and bead decoration, crown of lower Egypt in red leather, sandals red leather.

Medieval Couple - 15th century man's outfit of woollen doublet in Italian style, hose and hat, linen shirt and coif.

- Woman's outfit of linen shift and headrail, woollen kirtle, 15th century

Ruff - wheel ruff in silk with lace border, Elizabethan

Smock - linen Sunday smock of 18-19th century with linen embroidery, Midlands designs.

Nabob - silk gown over linen long tunic, cotton turban, from 16th to 19th century. Gown and tunic also for 14-15th century.

Victorian Workman - drill trousers and cotton jacket, cloth cap in wool, cotton shirt, 19th to early 20th century

Charles I - copy of portrait for museum figure, silk doublet and breeches, gold braid, cotton and lace shirt and collar

18C Gentleman - cotton shirt, woollen waistcoat and breeches, c 1750, silver braid trim

Tudor Courtier - Silk and velvet base coat, gown and breeches, linen shirt, c 1530

Regency navigator - c 1800, drill breeches, cotton spencer, canvas gaiters, cotton shirt and headscarf

Highlander - copy of outfit worn by Sean Connery in 'Highlander', made in velvet with gold trim, hat and cloak in red velvet, rabbit fur trim, damask lining