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Historical Costume And Interpretation

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Terruga - Roman, leather, gold fringe and braid, worn over wool tunic and red braid trim

Gambeson - 15th century, linen, padded, hand quilted

Clare's Regt 1690s - Wool coat, breeches and waistcoat, pewter buttons, linen lined, linen snapsack

Kirke's Lamb - c 1700, wool coat, waistcoat and breeches, pewter buttons, linen shirt and stock

Enniskillen's - officer's c 1797, white wool breeches, linen shirt and stock, woollen gaiters, red wool long-tailed coat, silver lace, pewter buttons made to order to regimental pattern

Queen Anne - copy of statue 1702, damask skirt, velvet open-front gown, gold fringe and silver ribbon, velvet coronation cloak lined in silk damask, ermine trim and gold braid and cords
Other Woman - 1640s outfit, wool skirt, stomacher and bodice, linen shift, whisk and coif

Boer War - 1900, India pattern tropical dress, British Army, drill breeches and tunic, brass buttons, woollen puttees, wool beret

WAAF Cap - drill lined with cotton

Massachusets Militia 1750s - American colonists, wool coats, waistcoats and breeches, linen snapsacks and shirts, wool gaiters. Drummer boy in reversed colours, felt tricorns, braid trim

1776 Naval Officer - copy of surviving outfit, wool coat lined in cotton drill, woollen waistcoat and breeches, cotton shirt and stock, felt tricorn with cockade, gold lace and brass buttons made to order to period pattern

Naval Officer's Coat 1776 - detail. See above

Regency Infantry Coat - short tailed coat of c 1810, wool, drill lining, cotton braid and pewter buttons made to order to regimental pattern