Daphne Hilsdon

Historical Costume And Interpretation

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1830s Ballgown - silk with lawn, ribbon and lace trim

Norman Lady - linen under-tunic, raw silk dalmatic with gold braid, silk veil

Pocahontas - copy of only known portrait, damask gown, striped damask surcote with gold braid, satin skirt, linen and lace cuffs and collar with wire supportasse, felt hat with feathers, ostrich fan, 1610

Regency day dress - cotton lawn round gown, pleated bosom, lined, c 1805

Suffragette - walking suit in wool, trimmed contrast wool, cotton blouse, c 1907, straw hat with silk flowers, silk suffragette sash

Victorian cottager - Dorset sunbonnet, cotton gown with lawn under-sleeves, cotton shawl c 1840

Poiret 1912 - copy of French fashion gown, cotton and lawn, silk-covered hat

Pelisson - copy of 13th century example in silk with braid trim over under-gown in damask, silk pork-pie hat and lawn barbette, silk hanging purse

Riding Habit - late Victorian, jacket and skirt in wool, cotton blouse

1470s Lady - Woollen gown trimmed with rabbit fur, wool hennin and silk veil

Egyptian lady - linen gown, shawl and belt sash, cord belt, artificial wig

Elizabethan lady - damask jacket with gold braid and bead trim, brocade undersleeves, damask over-skirt, satin underskirt with gold braid panel, silk ruff with lace border, wool holbein hat

1750s mantua - embroidered silk, made from sari as was common, brocade stomacher, cotton chemise, straw hat trimmed with ribbon

Cutty Sark 1880 - princess line gown in silk, felt tyrolean hat with feathers

1697 mantua - striped damask, rough silk underskirt, cotton shift, cotton fontange with lace trim

Three Queens - three outfits - on left, 1300, silk brocade gown and surcote, silk veil - in centre, 1470s, velvet gown, linen shift brocade hanging purse, silk veil - on right, 1350, damask gown, linen shift, lawn veil, linen fillet with gold trim

Indian - Chippewa, fringed leather leggings, leather moccasins with braid trim, leather tunic with feather and cord trim, fox fur hat, leather bag

Riding Jacket - c 1810, in imitation of Rifle regimental coat, wool, braid frogging, military buttons