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Historical Costume And Interpretation

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Tudor Christmas

Tudor Christmas - Making wreaths and other activities

Knight In Armour

Knight in Armour - 15th century warfare with bow, sword and hand gun

Tudor Maid

Tudor maid - characters, politics and surgery from Tudor to modern times.


Boarding - a maritime group who recreate sea life from Elizabethan to Napoleonic period

Medieval Archers

Medieval Archers - The Wars of the Roses 1470s. Medieval soldiers available.

Samm The Sailor

Samm the Sailor - this gentleman also portrays a ranting preacher, periods from 16th to 19th century, also a story teller for the Iron Age.

17C Cook

17C Cook - the elaborate dishes for a rich household in all their variety

17C Household At Table

17C Household at Table - a group of colleagues taking a period meal

Medieval Herbalist

Medieval Herbalist - a specialist in medieval medicine


Edwardian - a colleague who works in all periods from ancient to modern, providing characters

Home Front

Home Front - two ladies ready for action!


Calligrapher - demonstrations and hands-on writing from ancient times to 17th century. Also medieval religious life.