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Historical Costume And Interpretation

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Boudicca - Iron Age, showing high-class dress of the native British woman. Normally fighting was a man's occupation but I can show the use of sword, spear and bow, as well as other more usual domestic activities of the time.

Medieval Dyer

Medieval Dyer - using natural colourants over an open fire, to dye wool or linen. I have a wide range of dyestuffs and dyed materials.

To The Temple

To the Temple - with two colleagues, a handmaid and priest of ancient Egypt. I specialise in food, medicine, clothes and cosmetics for this period.

Tea For The Troops

Tea for the Troops - World War II, the Home Front, Dig for Victory, rationing and life during wartime.

Tudor Lace

Tudor Lace - I can demonstrate lace making from Tudor times to Victorian, using the actual patterns of each period.

Medieval Spinning

Medieval Spinning - using natural fleeces, with a range of equipment at which visitors can have a go. I also have a braid loom and other tools to make braids and cords.

17C Medicine

17C Medicine - the origins, practice and theory of herbal medicine from ancient times to the present day, with a wide range of ingredients and equipment to demonstrate both medicines and cosmetics.

Herbalist's Table

Herbalist's Table (see above)

Victorian Cook

Victorian Cook - food and cooking from earliest times to the 19th century, with replica utensils or (for Victorian) many originals, showing how recipes and ingredients changed through the centuries.