Daphne Hilsdon

Historical Costume And Interpretation

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Other Demonstrators who work regularly with me


Peter Sands - medieval and Tudor soldier, archer and gunner

Rhiannan McLean - mainly 16th and 17th century, food, textiles, maritime life, also classical world and Napoleonic

Doug McLean - 16th and 17th century and Napoleonic maritime life, pirate and soldier

Ed Fox - medieval soldier, archer, maritime displays from 16th to 19th century

Stephen Champion - assorted displays from classical times to 20th century, calligraphy, characters and religious life.

Kevin Corcoran - Iron Age storyteller, story telling and characters from 16th to 19th century, especially sailor and preacher

Claire Eastwood - characters from Tudor to 20th century, complete barber-surgeon's kit, political arguments of the times